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Prevent the irreparable (employee version)

Prevent the irreparable (employee version)


Train yourself at recognizing at-risk situations, taking action and ending all forms of harassment. This section is aimed more specifically at employees and managers. Over the course of the simulation, you will face different situations that may be considered harassment. At the end of the training, you will be better equipped so that you are able to recognize at-risk situations, know how to act and know how to stop inappropriate behaviours.

What you will learn

To make you aware of the issues surrounding harassment in the workplace in all its forms. The training aims to: - Define what is harassment - Be informed of the impact on people - Identify forms of sexual harassment - Recognize the forms of harassment and make the difference between: • Harassment or personality conflict • Abuse of power or right of management • Discrimination and hostile behaviour - How to react if you are a victim or a witness

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